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With over 46 years experience in this field our expertise is far and wide when servicing tables. We are able to service all types in all sizes whether it may be a small table or a full size at home or a commercial coin operated pool or snooker table situated in a hotel or club environment.


Tables of all sizes can be moved whether it may be a slate or non-slate product. Slate tables with a one, two, four or five-piece are heavy and must be handled with care to avoid an accident that may cause damage or an injury. Our company can assist with moving your table with ease with the right equipment the safe way.


As not all floors are level tables should have levelling feet attached to each leg. Re-levelling can be done on installation or when a table is moved as it is important to ensure that your table ready for accuracy in play.


We are able to supply you with several quality brands in billiard cloth, including a full range of colours to re-cloth your table. There are several quality brands available, including English and the American speed cloth. Our expertise includes re-clothing of the English or American cut cushions.

Re-stretching of the billiard cloth on a 12x6 is available if necessary usually 6-10 months after new cloth has been applied. This will depend on its application and the type of product used.


We are able to re-polish the timber of your table. Our service in this area may be a touch-up or a strip and re-polish to part or to the entire body of the table.

Cue Repairs

Our service to cues is in all areas that may include re-tipping, re-ferrelling, cue re-weighting, tip re-sizing, replacements of bumpers, polishing and adjustments in cue height.


We are able to provide storage at competitive rates for any table of any size. We have a storage facility centrally located in Sydney and in Orange, Central West of NSW.

Table Maintenance

We are able to assist with any maintenance required for your table that may include cushion repairs or modifications, cushion rubber re-applied, net pockets replaced or repaired, replacement of table and accessory fittings, ie empire rails, brackets, wires, X-rests, spiders and broken slate repairs.

Regular Servicing on Tables

Regular or one of servicing of your table is available where one of our service men can assist with the ironing, brushing and any possible repairs.

Please contact us should you require any further information. We would be more than happy to assist you with a quotation that may include any of the above or more services.

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